Building the Gunsmithing Library

The Classics
Part 2, Working with Stocks
Having started your gunsmithing library with solid, basic texts, it’s time to expand into specifics, beginning with stock work.
by Steven R. Kern

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Reviving a Springfield Model 67 Shotgun

Sometimes gunsmiths must perform work akin to that of a dentist making a bridge or a surgeon arranging bone fragments to their original state.
by Norman E. Johnson
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Plastic Stock for the Double Shotgun

Some easy application of the fiberglass and epoxy can economically revitalize the old shotgun stock

By Sergey Lyalko

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Obsolete Gun Parts

How to Keep a Customer’s Perfectly Good Firearm from Becoming a Paper Weight

by Gerry Ritacco

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Checking out the Colt Model 1917

by Chick Blood

Be wary of what the owner wants you to do with this classic revolver.
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