Building the Gunsmithing Library

The Classics
Part 2, Working with Stocks
Having started your gunsmithing library with solid, basic texts, it’s time to expand into specifics, beginning with stock work.
by Steven R. Kern

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Reviving a Springfield Model 67 Shotgun

Sometimes gunsmiths must perform work akin to that of a dentist making a bridge or a surgeon arranging bone fragments to their original state.
by Norman E. Johnson
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Plastic Stock for the Double Shotgun

Some easy application of the fiberglass and epoxy can economically revitalize the old shotgun stock

By Sergey Lyalko

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Obsolete Gun Parts

How to Keep a Customer’s Perfectly Good Firearm from Becoming a Paper Weight

by Gerry Ritacco

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Checking out the Colt Model 1917

by Chick Blood

Be wary of what the owner wants you to do with this classic revolver.
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Hi From The New Guy

During an interview, one of my favorite musicians quipped that he was really just a die hard fan who sometimes took the other side of the stage. I’ve been involved in the firearms publishing world for a few years now and that sums up how I approach this business. Yes, it’s now a career, but this is much more than a job to me. As with my position as a small-arms instructor in the military, I will bring a hobbyist’s enthusiasm to professional levels with American Gunsmith. Between studies at the bench learning the fascinating intricacies of firearms, to studies at the range learning how best to use them, I’ve spent many enjoyable years involved in this field.  It is a thrill to turn my vacation into my vocation.

I have subscribed to all of AG Media’s titles at one time or another, including my all-time favorite gun magazine, the now discontinued Performance Shooter (anybody remember that one?). As I transition from active duty back to the “real world,” I hope to effectively fill  Keith Lawrence’s shoes. His impressive fifteen-year track record behind this desk has forged American Gunsmith into what it is today. As I settle into the position, feedback from you is welcomed.

My goal is to maintain the status quo of good features you’ve come to expect, and I have a line up of strong articles on my editorial calendar already. These pages will continue to serve those hard-won bits of information that only a practicing gunsmith would know. In the coming months I’ll be establishing resources that will further enhance the value of your American Gunsmith Association membership, allowing us to serve you better by communicating new ideas faster and increasing member interaction. Professional gunsmith, contributing writer, serious hobbyist, general gun crank, or whatever side of the stage you take, American Gunsmith will continue to be your resource for all facets of firearm repair and maintenance.

Gunsmith Career Fair
Brownells is hosting their 4th Annual Gunsmith Career Fair April 23 – 24 at the Des Moines, Iowa, Marriott Downtown. For more info visit

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