SHOT Show 2010 Wrap Up

by John M. Buol Jr.
Two FBI busts for attempted bribery to a foreign government and counterfeiting, constant rain, winter temperatures and a twisty labyrinth of rooms and halls with exhibits hidden inside. Welcome to SHOT Show 2010! Let’s get to the goods.

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Working the Mauser Bolt

Over a century old, the precedence-setting Mauser action is the basis of all turn-bolt rifle actions. Learning the details of the original will pave the way to mastering all others.

by RK Campbell

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Building a “Rust” Cabinet

Constructing your own humidity cabinet to blue metal is a first step in learning to apply a decorative and preservative finish to steel parts.

By Leo Radovich

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Making a Custom Trigger Guard

With a milling machine and common gunsmithing tools, a quality one-piece, steel trigger guard can be made. No special jigs are required… just a pattern and a bit of careful craftsmanship, including the use of hand tools.

By Norman E. Johnson

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Disassembly, Reassembly of the Savage Model 12

This Long Range Precision Varminter is the first to offer the right ejection, left loading custom-made feature in a production rifle.

By Chick Blood
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A Place for Professional Growth

A Place for Professional Growth
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