SHOT Show 2010 Wrap Up

by John M. Buol Jr.
Two FBI busts for attempted bribery to a foreign government and counterfeiting, constant rain, winter temperatures and a twisty labyrinth of rooms and halls with exhibits hidden inside. Welcome to SHOT Show 2010! Let’s get to the goods.

Bergara Barrels ( has brought legendary barrel maker Ed Shilen on as a primary consultant and released a new line of premium replacement barrels for Remington 700 rifles utilizing the same barrel nut system found on the Savage 110 but retaining the factory contours allowing a near drop-in fit into a standard inletted stock.
Wyatt’s Outdoor ( is offering a series of detachable magazine kits for Remington actions designed by Kevin Wyatt, a high-level competition shooter and machinist. This set up center feeds all cartridges in the .308, .284 and 7×57 family needing only minor fitting. Also available for Remington long actions are detachable magazine assemblies for the Ultra Mag cartridges and 338 Lapua. Magazine capacity is eight rounds of .338 Lapua, nine rounds of Ultra Mag. Both designs incorporate a double latch system designed to enhance feeding and reliability and are also available through Pacific Tool and Gauge Inc. (
Lyman ( released new reproduction tang sights. The Model ’66 and Model ’73 Uberti No. 2 Tang Sight fit the popular imported clones for cowboy-style shooting. Like the originals, these No. 2 Sights are all steel construction and feature height index marks on the aperture post, with a maximum elevation of .800 for long range shooting. Two apertures, sized .093-inch and .040-inch, along with mounting screws and instructions, are included. As with many “drop-in” parts, these may require some retrofitting, namely, the drilling and tapping of the forward mounting screw.
Score High Gunsmithing ( has tools for serious stock builders. Their Trigger Guard Bedding Blocks provide a precise mold while applying epoxy for bedding the stock and eliminate the hassles of using and cleaning actual parts during the process. The firm’s Pillar Drilling Jig makes it easy to drill a Remington 700 stock to accommodate bedding pillars without needing a milling machine or drill press. Interchangeable hardened steel drill guide bushings are held in place by a round bar the same diameter as a Remington 700 receiver, which accurately positions on the top of the stock’s inletting with a guide pin that pilots off of either the front or rear trigger guard screw hole. Using the included bit, even a hand drill can be used accurately.
Pacific Tool and Gauge has a pair of inexpensive tools for working shotguns. The Shotgun Rib Center Finder is a steel fixture that locates the exact center of the shotgun rib for installation of a sight bead. The Stuck Choke Removal Tool is a universal choke wrench that can damaged or rusted choke tubes.
In addition to their AR-15 upper receivers, Tony’s Custom Uppers ( has a line of new tools for ‘smiths working the ever-popular AR-15 platform. His tools are effective, yet inexpensive. In fact, his entire AR-15 tool selection lists at a bit over $100.
JGS Precision ( has a new reamer for the .308 JGS, a cartridge design by Robert Whitley intended for Sierra #2156 and Berger 155 grain bullets used for Palma Matches. Palma shooting is an international High Power long range match consisting of 45 shots for record at 800, 900 and 1000 yards. International Palma rules limit matches to a Palma rifle. A Palma rifle consists of a single shot bolt action rifle weighing less than 6 kg (13.2lbs) in 7.62mm NATO caliber (.308 Winchester) firing a 155 grain Palma bullet. US Palma rules allow any weight bullets, NRA Match and Service Rifles.
Optics company MDS Incorporated ( is now offering VT-24 and VT-36 fiber optic borescopes with 24- or 36-inch flexible shafts capable of bending in any direction. The shaft can bent up to a three inch radius, yet maintains its shape and the eyepiece is focusable to within 0.5-inch of the area inspected. Each kit includes a battery-powered light with condenser lens, a right-angle mirror attachment, magnet attachment and extra Xenon bulb in a foam-lined carrying/storage case. Best feature is the price, which is about half that of a comparable Hawkeye borescope.
L&R Manufacturing ( has a line of ultrasonic cleaners and solutions for shop use. Ultrasonic cleaning automates a thorough cleaning and treatment in minutes. Unlike harsh solvents and degreasers, ultrasonic cleaning removes crud while leaving the metal protected from rust and corrosion. On display was the company’s LE-242, a 42 inch tank that handles long guns or up to 18 handguns. After disassembly, the firearms are submerged in the weapon cleaning concentrate tank and the unit run for 7–10 minutes. After a quick rinse with water and blow drying with compressed air, the firearms are submerged in the lubricating solution tank for an additional 7–10 minutes. Both solutions are non-ammoniated and environmentally friendly.
Friedheim Tool Co. ( is offering a water based cleaning system. The Jofre Cleaner blasts pressurized steam through a proprietary nozzle and scours effectively. A variety of wands can reach into small areas, allowing cleaning without disassembly and the water evaporates immediately, leaving the metal dry. While the extenders heat up, the blast of steam is safely cooled inches away and the only consumable used is purified or bottled water. The cleaner even has the endorsement of SEAL Team Three, so it is “tacticool” as well.
Due to popular demand, Clymer Manufacturing ( is now selling their most popular tools packaged together in cartridge-specific sets. In one case, each set contains a chamber reamer and SAAMI-spec GO/NO GO headspace gauges.
AGI has a new package set of training DVDs for gunsmiths wishing to pursue the law enforcement market. The Certified Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course covers 14 of the most common firearms used in law enforcement today. After passing an exam, graduates will receive a certificate of training.
Dave Manson Precision Reamers ( is offering free tools and reamers to gunsmiths who publish articles about their projects. If you use Manson reamers and publish an article about the work you did with their equipment, send them a copy of the article and they will reimburse or credit the original cost of the tools. Be sure to include the details on what you used and how. Oh, of course American Gunsmith is always looking for new articles!

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