Gunsmiths Boost Business

“We receive numerous calls and walk-in customers daily requiring the services and knowledge of our gunsmith. Additionally, our existing customers greatly appreciate the convenience of having a gunsmith on site — at a business they frequent, are familiar with and trust.”

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Smith & Wesson Model of 2000 Schofield .45 Revolvers

After 123 years, S&W re-introduced the famous Schofield in 2000. While not a perfectly faithful replica of the original, the 2000 is a very shootable revolver.

by David R. Chicoine

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Easy Mauser Holding Fixture

Commercial holding fixtures for Mauser receivers are available, but any ‘smith can build his own for much less money. This project can be built with common shop scrap.

by Wendell Deaner

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Adding a Central Bedding Pillar to the Long Action 700 Remington

Attaining top accuracy from a long-action bolt rifle can be difficult, but it can be accomplished through careful bedding and proper use of the central action screw. It may involve the use of a different stock as well.
By Norman E. Johnson

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A Course on Working the .22 Rifle

Renovating Rimfires

A very common task facing professionals is the repair of rimfire rifles. The ins and outs of repairing them are best learned with time and study, not a heavy hand and iron will.
by RK Campbell

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