Disassembly, Reassembly of the SSG 3000 Rifle

An offshore-built tactical marvel, the German-built SSG 3000 is an impressive import from SigArms.
By Chick Blood
Just to let you know you’re faced with a precision piece of hardware, the “SSG” stands for scharfschützengewehr (“sharp shooter rifle”) manufactured by J. P. Sauer & Sohn of Eckenforde, Germany. As imported to these shores by SigArms, the SSG 3000 is chambered for .308 Winchester, wears a four-groove, shock-absorbing, flash-suppressed sniper barrel 23.5 inches long, an adjustable McMillan fiberglass stock and has a trigger pull of three pounds that breaks like an ice sickle. Weighing in at twelve pounds, and with an even heftier price tag, the rifle is offered in three tactically-oriented packages.

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