Easy Mauser Holding Fixture

Commercial holding fixtures for Mauser receivers are available, but any ‘smith can build his own for much less money. This project can be built with common shop scrap.

by Wendell Deaner

Good Mauser actions suitable for sporting rifle conversions are becoming as scarce as nice used double rifles chambered in .470 N.E. selling for less than ten thousand dollars. Well, maybe not that scarce, but the fact is these wonderful actions that were once plentiful and cheap as military surplus are becoming harder to find. Mitchell’s Mausers (Mausers.org) is advertising what they claim are the last 98 Mauser rifles available from Europe. Century Arms International (centuryarms.com) have a few complete rifles and some actions for sale. Other sources are gun shows, pawn shops, and some of the on-line auction houses. However, prices are getting steep and only going higher as the supply dries up.

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