Violent Crime Declines

Preliminary statistics released by the FBI for the first half of 2009 show that violent crime continues a downward trend that began in 2006.

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Working the PT92

Similar to Beretta’s 92F-series, this humble handgun is doing yeoman service. Here’s how improve one coming across your bench
by RK Campbell

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Scoping the Older 22 Rimfire Single Shot Rifle

Drilling and tapping older 22 single-shot rifles for a scope base is an uncomplicated gunsmithing procedure. However, attention to detail and precision will result in a better job.
by  Norman E. Johnson

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Custom Stock Repair

Cracks, chips, or splits, sooner or later you will be faced with stock repairs.  Some are minor and easy to fix while others need more consideration on the approach.

by R. Coles

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Gunsmithing Classic Books: Part Three, Metalworking

In this final installment of the Classics series we look at the works of the old masters of metal.
by Steven Kern

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Disassembly/Reassembly of The EZ9/EZ40 Pistols

Identical except in caliber, repair or replacement of two assemblies in these new Serbian pistols must be left to Serbians
by Chick Blood
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