Disassembly/Reassembly of The EZ9/EZ40 Pistols

Identical except in caliber, repair or replacement of two assemblies in these new Serbian pistols must be left to Serbians
by Chick Blood

The story of these defensive handguns begins with a new cannon foundry (1851) in the Serbian town of Kragujvac, about 80 miles south of Belgrade in former Yugoslavia.
Then and there, the firearms manufacturing entity Zastava came to be. Ever since, the town and the company have remained inseparable. The foundry cast its initial barrels in 1853, several of which became the no-nonsense components of Polish field pieces in 1855. The caisson-mounted boomers looked like a World Ware One-era French 75mm but lobbed an 85.6mm shell that must have made them considered to be the railway guns of their day.

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