Scoping the Older 22 Rimfire Single Shot Rifle

Drilling and tapping older 22 single-shot rifles for a scope base is an uncomplicated gunsmithing procedure. However, attention to detail and precision will result in a better job.
by  Norman E. Johnson

Common among older single-shot rifles that can be scoped we find the Iver Johnson Models X and XX(2X); the older Remington Model 133; Savage/Stevens Models 3 and 4, or even the Savage/Stevens Model 71 Favorite; and the old Winchester Model 67 or the like. In this treatise, installing a scope on a Winchester Model 67 will be covered in some detail, serving as a typical example. Back when some of these 22 rimfire rifles were introduced there were few, if any, telescopic sights available. Neither the rifle receivers nor the barrels were drilled and tapped for scope base screws.  Adding a scope enhanced the shooting pleasure for many as it served to improve the shooter’s ability to better use the rifle’s accuracy, particularly for older eyes.

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