Working the PT92

Similar to Beretta’s 92F-series, this humble handgun is doing yeoman service. Here’s how improve one coming across your bench
by RK Campbell

I am aware of literally dozens of Taurus PT92 handguns in service with citizens as personal defense and competition pieces. Quite a few police officers of my acquaintance fancy this Taurus as well. Among a very few nations with a handgun heritage approximating our own, the Philippines have recently adopted the PT92 as a service handgun for police. The low bid was not their consideration as the pistol performs well. The Taurus is best known as a clone gun of the Beretta 92 but there are differences. The Beretta 92 was in use as a military service pistol in Brazil and the machinery used to build the Beretta was purchased by Taurus. The original Beretta 92 used a frame mounted safety and a non-Browning-style push-button magazine release. Beretta  would later put a Browning-style magazine release and a Walther P38-type safety and decocker into the design. The Taurus features a Browning magazine release but continues to use the frame mounted safety of the original Beretta. The PT92 is properly termed a selective double action pistol. While the trigger action allows a first shot double action press, the pistol also may be carried cocked and locked, hammer to the rear and safety on and the safety may be placed on during tactical movement without the need to decock the hammer. This SDA (Single-Double Action) is also represented by the CZ75, the Daewoo DH51 and a few special editions from Beretta and SIG, among others.

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