Gun Sales Bubble

Since President Obama’s election, certain segments of the firearms industry have been running at full capacity.

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Custom Firearms Shop For Warfighters

The Army Marksmanship Unit is a major power in the competition shooting and marksmanship training world. The Custom Firearm Shop is where the tools of the trade get built.
by John M. Buol Jr.
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Customer Service: First, Last, and Always

The profitability of your business hinges as much on how you treat your customer as on how good a gunsmith you are
by Paul Mazan

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Pillar Bedding The Ruger Model 77 Rimfire Rifle

Even though the shock vibrations aren’t nearly as great when firing a rimfire rifle there may be an accuracy advantage in pillar bedding. The Ruger Model 77 is an ideal candidate for such work.
by Norman E. Johnson

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Shop Work: Hammers and Triggers and Sears

It’s great to have machines but most of the top pros depend on hand tools in performing their precision custom work.
by Chick Blood

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