Disassembly-Reassembly of The EMP 9C1 Pistol

Importer EMF turns up a brand new, American-made 9mm that carries a strong message.
by Chick Blood

Back in the day, California was acting like Gun Valley West and giving long established East Coast manufacturers quite a run for consumers’ firearms dollars. Politicians and activists were not being able to stand such financial success and soon the Golden State’s thriving gun business was systematically legislated into non-existence. These assorted knee jerks of applied economic ignorance were accompanied by a sizable number workers cast to unemployment lines and a disastrous amount of lost revenue. In addition, a Twentieth Century exodus to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Wyoming and elsewhere was undertaken by Lotus Land residents and businesses deciding to dwell no further in what they felt was being irreversibly transformed from a paradise into a Peoples’ Republic.

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