It Is All In The Springs

The 1911
by RK Campbell

When a customer asks you to regulate or debug an automatic pistol he doesn’t always hand you a platinum credit card to use for the expense of parts. Experimentation is not something many customers are willing to pay for. Today there are so many makers of parts, including springs and guide rods, that we may find ourselves confused. I think it is obvious that some parts must be better than others while some are better suited to competition than military and police use. Heavy loaded hunting handguns or other pistols designed for special purposes are a common consideration. When it comes to service guns or those used for personal defense we must be very serious and choose only proven, quality parts. Experiments are fine with personal handguns. This is exactly how I learned much of what I know concerning the 1911 pistol. Commonly produced O-frames such as the 1911 Government Model, 10mm pistols, and the Commander all have factory specifications. Then there is the .45 Super, .460 Rowland and other, less common variations. A consideration that must be foremost is the proper springs for the application.

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