Lathes, Mills, Drills, Part 1

Part 1 – Key considerations and the used equipment market
Unless you have unlimited funds, buying new or used machinery can be a challenge. Here are some points to consider when making these big purchases.
By Richard MacLean

There are gunsmiths in the far-off Land of Oz who have access to unlimited floor space, three-phase power, high bay entrances and money to buy new Bridgeport vertical mills, South Bend lathes, and Dayton floor drill presses. But for the rest of us who live in the real world, the pitfalls of buying metal working machinery are as numerous as the options. This two part article was written primarily for the home or hobby gunsmith or the professional with a small shop with limited space and funds. Indeed, for the first-time buyer who might be tempted to grab a “great bargain” advertised on the Internet and located halfway across the country this article is a must read.

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