The Filter

The only effective filter are those engaged in and promoting real world, “offline” activity. Pete Brownell talks about this in a recent WebBench article. “Bob Brownell used to say, ‘Show me a town without a gunsmith, and I’ll show you a town without shooting.’ Back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, when he first made this comment, there were a lot more gunsmiths in towns around America and there were a lot more shooting events. Today, unfortunately, that is not the case. This really means that much of the responsibility of keeping that true flame alive rests with the gunsmiths, and in turn the hunters and shooters across America.”

Using online resources and communities is great. In fact, we have our own. However, having an instantly-available, openly-accessible, world-wide network available to all is both a blessing and a curse. Anyone can post anything without filter. This allows knowledgeable folks to communicate ideas that might not make it through the traditional publishing route, right next to video game-addicted kids or other dangerously inexperienced people posing as experts. Researching forums and blogs can turn up gems of wisdom but it is likely covered in heaps of chaff and users need a filter to make the distinction.

Talk about protecting the Second Amendment does nothing. Talk about guns and shooting produces no skill and repairs nothing. Only real world action can. As a working gunsmith you are the ideal source of this filter for your customers, a beacon cutting through the clutter. By being a professional, respected and productive business person for your area you’re not only recognized as an expert but you have real working knowledge to back that up. And just think of all the repair and customization work those new shooters are going to bring you in the aftermath!

American Gunsmith Online

We’ve started a new resource for American Gunsmith online. For now, it is a blog with an archive of articles by title and editorials. Content is indexed by category and publication date along with a site-wide search feature. If you’re looking a specific article or topic but can’t remember when or where it was published, these tools will help you find it. Thanks to member Thomas Murphy for writing in suggesting this.

We will also offer extra content and addendums on the site. Author Richard MacLean included a Unit Comparison table with his recently-published article (Lathes, Mills, Drills) that couldn’t be printed due to space limitations. This complete table accompanies his article’s abstract and is available now for free download.

Also of general interest for all gun cranks, AG Media, Inc. has started, a new site containing reports, articles and videos with specifications on tested firearms. Both of these resources are free.

Marketing How-To

One of the many problems gunsmiths face is getting the word out to the broken gun crowd there is a competent gunsmith in the area. How best to do this depends on a great many factors.

by Arthur J. Hunt Sr.

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Reaming the .45 Colt Revolver Cylinder Throats

Reaming .45 Colt revolver cylinder throats yields the best possible accuracy for using cast bullet loads

by Wendell Deaner

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Pillar Bedding The Savage Model 112 Long Action Rifle

While the Savage Model 12 single-shot short action has a rear bedding pillar, the former Model 112 long action single shot did not. The addition of two major pillars positioned at the two trigger guard screw holes vastly improves the overall bedding.

by Norman E. Johnson

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Fitting A Webley Side-By-Side Outside Hammer Action

Resurrecting the stock of an old side-by-side action brings on a new set of challenges.

by Dominick Pisano

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