Disassembly, Reassembly of the Savage Model 220

New to the firm’s line up of economical and accurate sporting guns, this one isn’t complicated but could be hiding a very large, problematical bear with an attitude.

by Chick Blood

Generally speaking, the ability to deliver consistent accuracy in a hunting rifle or shotgun is bolt, pump and semi-auto with those actions listed in order of effectiveness. Shoulder arms intended primarily for target use place the rigid aspects of the bolt action in a class by itself. Walk a line of competitors firing at distant objects and you’ll see what I mean. The bolt action, with cartridges chambered individually between shots, reigns supreme with the best of these marksmen. This dominance prevails at the 50-foot range of small bore gallery matches. I have yet to witness a pump or semi-auto winning one. With most hunters, however, the military sniper’s ideal of “one shot, one kill” cannot be guaranteed by any action. Hence, more than one shot is desired and may be required, so a magazine-equipped gun gains favor in the field.

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