Pillar Bedding The Savage Model 112 Long Action Rifle

While the Savage Model 12 single-shot short action has a rear bedding pillar, the former Model 112 long action single shot did not. The addition of two major pillars positioned at the two trigger guard screw holes vastly improves the overall bedding.

by Norman E. Johnson

The rear pillar on both the Model 12 and the Model 112 is positioned on the receiver close to the forward aspect of the trigger and involves working in close quarters. On the Model 12 a portion of the rear pillar is milled away to make room for the trigger sear/bolt release body. However, there is space for a 7/16-inch diameter rear pillar just forward of this part of the trigger, AccuTrigger or otherwise, involving a minor pillar alteration. An additional pillar was made and installed at the outermost tang hole, immediately rearward of the safety. The forward pillar, which is positioned directly upward of the front trigger guard screw hole, will be covered first.

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