Uberti Lightning II Slide-Action Rifle Schematic

Originally manufactured by Colt, this ultra-fast pump is known for its speed and compact size.

By David R. Chicoine

Uberti Lightning II Schematic

Troubleshooting The Colt Defender

Learning the nuances of specific handgun types will help you diagnose problems. Colt’s Defender is a showcase for learning the 1911.

by RK Campbell

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Working the M1A1 Springfield Rifle

With a service and competition reputation that proceeds it, this civilian make of the M14 is a good working rifle at a fair price. Here’s how to keep the M1A1 in top shape.

by RK Campbell

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Fitting Barrels to the Remington Model 504 .22 Rimfire Rifle

Marked improvement and better accuracy is the likely result when re-fitting or replacing a barrel on the Model 504 Remington 22 Target rifle. This rifle is capable of extreme accuracy with a few improvements, most notably installing of custom barrel with a more precise fit at the barrel to receiver junction.

by Norman E. Johnson

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Inletting The Flobert Rifle

The Flobert action is like nothing I have ever seen and proved a great challenge.

by Dominick Pisano

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