Working with Talon Air Rifles

These AirForce airguns are available in three calibers, three barrel lengths and three models that are, mechanically speaking, triplets with velocities up to 1450 fps.

by Chick Blood

No one really knows when it first happened, or where or why, but one day someone took a deep breath, huffed a bead, bean or pebble out through a hollow reed and came up with the concept of an air gun. Several centuries, or eons, later the great, great, great ancestor of anything remotely resembling what we call an air gun these days appeared in Germany circa 1530 AD. Later in the same century air guns with flasks of compressed air attached propelled a dart or small projectile far beyond the limited range of human lung power. The Austrian military made use of rifles with compressed air stored in detachable butt stocks, several of which hung from each infantryman’s belt. During the Napoleonic Wars the French proclaimed the use of these “quiet” guns that issued no tell-tale smoke to be highly uncivilized. Evidently, the air guns were quite effective in demoralizing Napoleon’s troops since they could neither see nor hear the source of the projectiles raining down upon them.

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