Fitting Barrels to the Remington Model 504 .22 Rimfire Rifle

Marked improvement and better accuracy is the likely result when re-fitting or replacing a barrel on the Model 504 Remington 22 Target rifle. This rifle is capable of extreme accuracy with a few improvements, most notably installing of custom barrel with a more precise fit at the barrel to receiver junction.

by Norman E. Johnson

The barrel on the Model 504 Remington is attached to the receiver via a joint that clamps a very thick split receiver ring around the barrel. This joint is tightened by a single size 10-32 socket head screw resulting in extreme thread stress if the barrel/receiver joint requires much take up. An apparent problem stems from the barrel shank being too small for the receiver hole. The bore on the unclamped open receiver is 0.6750-inch and the factory barrel shank diameter is 0.6690-inch on several of the rifles I have worked with.

One comment

  1. .675″ on the receivers and .669″ on the barrel shank is exactly what I got on both of my 504s. I fitted a heavy 40x barrel to one and a proven 513T barrel to the other. Opened up the channels in the stocks and pillar bedded them. They will both shoot 1/4″ 5 shot groups consistantly at 50 yards and I’ve gotten 1/4″ 5 shot groups at 100 a couple of times with one.

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