New Year Plans

Happy New Year. So, how’s your business and where is it heading?

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Renovating a Rolling Block

Knowing what to look for, along with a dose of gunsmithing know-how, can transform a discarded, century-old rifle into a great shooter.

by Paul Mazan

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Charter Arms Tune Up

Quick tips for handling this inexpensive, but effective, revolver.

by RK Campbell

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Duplicating Remington’s Factory High-Grade Finish

Remington’s classic finish looks a foot deep without looking like plastic. Here’s how to do it yourself.

by Dominick Pisano

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Stock Strengthening and Center Pillar Bedding The Savage Model 12 Single Shot Rifle

Some rifles can benefit by adding a central bedding pillar as an assist to the regular front and rear bedding. The inherently accurate Savage Model 12 single shot rifle is one of these, with the added advantage to strengthen the stock at the same time.

by Norman E. Johnson

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