Getting Familiar With The P238

A new entry from SIG SAUER joins the growing parade of CCW pistols. We think you’ll be seeing more of these than those of lesser quality.

by Chick Blood

As you can see from the tape measure comparison made in the accompanying photograph the P238 is a very compact pistol. Overall length is 5.5 inches, height is 3.9 inches, width 1.1, barrel 2.7 and sight radius 3.8 inches. The weight with magazine is a scant 15.2 ounces, chambered in caliber .380 ACP sporting an aluminum frame and a hard coat anodized stainless steel slide. In other words, a fine personal defense pistol it is, easily concealed and carried by any male or female citizen holding a permit to do so. A tack driving target gun it isn’t.

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