Stock Strengthening and Center Pillar Bedding The Savage Model 12 Single Shot Rifle

Some rifles can benefit by adding a central bedding pillar as an assist to the regular front and rear bedding. The inherently accurate Savage Model 12 single shot rifle is one of these, with the added advantage to strengthen the stock at the same time.

by Norman E. Johnson

The Savage Model 12 single-shot, short action rifle is factory pillar-bedded just back of the recoil lug and at the rear, immediately forward of the trigger housing. The rear pillar forms a semi-circle with a portion of it cut away to avoid pillar contact with the trigger housing. This reduced pillar surface tends to weaken the pillar support to some extent in this area. The Savage Model 12 single shot also has a full magazine cutout extending between pillars within its laminated wood stock. This unused space also tends to weaken the stock in this area. The thrust of this article will cover the procedure in filling the magazine cutout and adding a Score High central bedding pillar as a means of stock strengthening and accuracy improvement.

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