Unique Marketing

Marketing has been defined as the processes for creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that have value for customers and society at large. This is much more than mere advertising or sales.

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Diamonds In The Rough: Reluctant 1911s

Despite an earned reputation for reliability, even John Browning’s famed design can hiccup.

by RK Campbell

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Rebarreling An M1 Garand

Breathing new life into an old war horse can provide satisfaction for both the gunsmith and the owner.

by Roy Seifert
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Savage Model 12 Extractor Refit

Rebarreling a Savage Model 12 rifle with a .308 Winchester-size bolt face for a PPC cartridge will require extractor replacement. Such extractors can be made by careful machining and fitting of a new part.

by Norman E. Johnson

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Mystery Martini

It looks like a Martini rifle. But is it?

by Dominick Pisano
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Disassembly/Reassembly of the Steyr Bullpup, Part I

A look at Austria’s famed Bullpup military rifle. Part II will be dedicated to the trigger mechanism. It requires much more coverage than space allows this time around.

by Chick Blood
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