Disassembly/Reassembly of the Steyr Bullpup, Part I

A look at Austria’s famed Bullpup military rifle. Part II will be dedicated to the trigger mechanism. It requires much more coverage than space allows this time around.

by Chick Blood

In this particular case I must say I’d like to have been a fly on the wall or the guy with a tape recorder in the unmarked van parked outside eavesdropping as the committee meeting to outlaw “assault” weapons was in progress. I can hear it now:

“It’s a military rifle.”

“True, but this one isn’t fully automatic.”

“Maybe so, but it still looks bad. Can’t have that sort of thing. Better ban it.”

That’s an approximation of how it might have sounded, folks, when the Steyr AUG was banned back in 1989. It wasn’t the only gun to make the list after a similar in-depth “discussion.” I wonder if the decision would have been different if Steyr had called its AUG something else. Nah, what the letters stand for wouldn’t have changed committee minds. Spelled out as Armee Universal Gewher would probably have added the words “Too German” to their decision and if Steyr had named the rifle after its configuration, Bullpup, those sitting gun “gurus” would have banned it for fear of rabies.

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