Savage Model 12 Extractor Refit

Rebarreling a Savage Model 12 rifle with a .308 Winchester-size bolt face for a PPC cartridge will require extractor replacement. Such extractors can be made by careful machining and fitting of a new part.

by Norman E. Johnson

As with most other manufacturers, Savage rifles use all of the common bolt face sizes to fit cartridges like .223, .308, et al. Odd-sized cartridges such as the .22 PPC and 6mm PPC fall inbetween these two cartridge sizes with a case head size of 0.441-inches. The closest common bolt face size that fits the .22 PPC is the .308 Winchester, sized at 0.473-inches, but this size bolt fails to extract the PPC cases. Some other rifles like the Remington Model 700 and 40X will extract fired .22 and 6mm PPC cases equipped with a .308 Winchester bolt head but the Savage Model 12 does not.

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