The Steyr AUG A3 Bullpup, Part 2

Getting further into and maintaining the trigger mechanism group of this Austrian-built, military bullpup-style rifle.

by Chick Blood

For those of you who have read the first part of this article on the Steyr AUG, and even those who haven’t, I’ll start with a warning. When initially stripping down an A3 leave the safety on. Otherwise, you might inadvertently pull the trigger and release the hammer forward. Do so, and you can begin forgetting about removing the trigger group from its home in the butt stock.

The hammer is under pressure from two springs, one on each side, and both are very strong. Groping into the butt with a hook of some sort and latching on to the hammer in an attempt to recock it is unlikely to be successful. The rifle will have to be reassembled to a point where you can manually cock the bolt. This will put plenty of leverage to work for you in resetting the hammer. All this frue-frue can be avoided if the safety remains engaged to block the trigger and sear.

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