Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

How the US Army Marksmanship Unit builds  Squad Designated Marksman Rifles

by John M. Buol Jr.

The AMU’s Designated Marksman Rifle is yet another example of competition shooting’s positive influence. The Custom Shop Service Rifle gunsmiths have built and continue to service over 375 Squad Designated Marksman rifles based on their experience of building and maintaining over 200 M16 uppers and lowers for competition use. Service Rifle Teams firing M16A2/A4 rifles with free float tubes have dominated National and Interservice championships and broke all records held by the M14/M1A. What started as an experiment to create AR-15s capable of winning at Camp Perry has found its way into the hands of designated marksmen in Iraq and Afghanistan. The AMU uses these rifles to train Designated Marksmen at Fort Benning and abroad. The 101st and 82nd has fielded them in combat with exemplary results. Here’s how they are put together.

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