Working The Stevens Visible Loader

The Stevens Model 70 Visible Loader is starting to show collector interest. Here is the critical function, disassembly, and reassembly procedures with a guide to reference materials and parts.

by Robert A. Scott

While doing my research on the Stevens Visible Loader for this article I found considerable information available on it but no single resource had all the necessary information. I hope that putting all my research in one location will aid other individuals. My interest in this rifle started when a friend presented me with one that was is rough shape and had parts missing.

Parts Suppliers

Wisner’s Inc.,
Numrich Arms,
Chas Jones Gun Parts,
Bob’s Guns Shop,
Poppert’s Gun Parts,

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  1. Have received your magazine for years and would like to simply review the stevens visible loader article from June 2011. How may I obtain that article or magazine.? It has been pain trying the computer system here without altering my entire computer system. Thanks Lt. D. Jenkins

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