Working The Webley MK III

The Webley MK III is among the most robust and reliable revolvers of all time. Previously quite a rare, a new wave of Webleys has found their way into shooter’s hands and are now more likely to cross your bench.

by RK Campbell

The Webley MK III revolver is among the last revolvers used by any military force as standard issue. Developed as an alternative to the previous Webley .455 caliber revolvers, the MK III is basically of the same pattern and operating on the same principles but incorporates several detail changes. After the development of the MK III prior to World War Two, the British ended up adopting a modified Webley design developed at Enfield Lock. Although the Enfield revolver has features that differ from the Webley the design is similar enough that Webley was awarded damages in a legal claim. Just the same, during World War Two revolvers were in such a shortage that the Webley MK III .38 caliber revolver was used in great numbers.

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