A Mixed Bag

Craig Constantine, Supervising Producer for Discovery Studios, is a producer working on a potential new series for the Discovery Channel that will show one-on-one competitions with machine teams building a variety devices. The show will document the building of the machines against the clock, the troubleshooting of them and then revealing them in action with the worked scored by a panel of celebrity judges.


The series is looking to go beyond the typical engineers or robotics specialists to people who are experts at making intricate, fine mechanisms. That is why gunsmiths are one of the professions that Mr. Constantine and Discovery is interested in.


Gunsmiths, machinists and similar folks skilled at building and fixing mechanical devices who are up for showcasing their craft on national TV are urged to try out. While candidates located on the West Coast are preferred to avoid logistical nightmares and costs, but the show will consider any person that is a good fit for the program regardless of distance.


This is a great opportunity for gunsmiths to get positive exposure in the mass media. If you are interested call 818/ 903-6491 or email zenweasel@sbcglobal.net


AGA Customer Service Changes

American Gunsmith has changed the location of our Customer Service and Subscription Department. Any customer service issues about your subscription can be sent to Customer_Service@American-Gunsmith.info by email, 800/829-5119 by phone or American Gunsmith Subscription Services, PO Box 8535, Big Sandy, TX 75755-8535 by snail mail. Americangunsmith.wordpress.com/subscribe permanently contains this information as well as links to online resources.


Writer’s Guidelines Updated

In addition to a few changes, we are now accepting article submissions via our online file sharing service and have already successfully received several articles this way. This will be the preferred method of receiving article submissions. If you have material you’d like to submit for potential publication contact me via email (amgunsmith@gmail.com) and I’ll help set up your free account. Americangunsmith.wordpress.com/writers-guidelines has further details.


Amendments Attacking Gun Trace Data Defeated

The National Shooting Sports Foundations reports the Schiff (D-CA-29) amendment, which would have stripped an important law enforcement protection (Tiahrt Amendment) that safeguards law enforcement-only firearms tracing data and the Honda (D-CA-15) amendment, a proposed firearms industry regulation supported by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, were defeated.


Read more in our September 2011 issue. Back issues are available.

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