Getting To Know The Savage TRR-SR

Out of the box it only begins to look like a tactical rifle but it doesn’t take much to complete the illusion for economic considerations.


By Chick Blood


Before digging in to this new Savage I want to start out with a few comments about .22 rifles. More specifically, .22 rifles primarily intended for highly competitive target use. That would definitely include indoor gallery matches. Ever fired in one? Ever seen one fired? There, .22s are on steroids. Buck naked, meaning without the scopes they often wear and not further burdened with sizable hand rests for the offhand stage of a match, they’ll weigh in at 10 to 12 pounds. Their barrels will equal the diameter of a quarter – or bigger. The exit holes at their muzzles from which they’ll expel 40 grain nuggets at ten bull’s eyes no larger than the head of a common pin never exceed 0.224 inches.


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