A Hard Look At The Revolver

Despite a decades-long push towards self loaders, the wheelgun still has merit. Here’s how to handle your customer’s hard-used handguns.


by RK Campbell

Among the best things to happen to revolvers have been IDPA matches. Quite a few personal defense shooters go armed with double action revolvers but their options for competition were limited. IDPA has gotten many of these shooters out and shooting in the respective classes. Another class of revolver shooters that practice hard by necessity are handgun hunters. These men and women fire their revolvers a lot and subject them to more use in a year than the common revolver in the dresser drawer sees in a lifetime. You will not see one of these shooters with a .357 that is twenty years old but appears as new from setting in a drawer. These revolvers are used hard. When revolvers are fired in competition or fired a great deal with heavy hunting loads, the myth of revolver invincibility wears thin. Revolvers are durable and will stand lots of use, but not abuse. All revolvers will eventually have problems if used hard. Handguns are tools. They are meant to be used. They are a good investment but they can be worn out.


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