A Look At Handgun Grips

Tasteful fitting, finishing and/or replacement of grips on a newly refinished handgun can enhance performance and improve the looks.


by RK Campbell


Often enough when working with a handgun the refinishing job is tedious but the end product is worth the time invested. There are times when extra details are involved. A ding on the muzzle means a recrown job in order for the refinish project to be perfect. Scratches may need to be polished out. When it comes to handgun grip panels or stocks, a poorly fitted or bad looking set of grips may adversely affect the looks of the handgun. The owner may not have noticed how badly the grip panels fit or how rough they looked before, but now that the pistol has a bright new finish the grips just no longer suit the pistol. The grips are dinged, worn, and perhaps even missing the enamel from the medallions. While some shooters will go for the gold and upgrade to Smith and Alexander 1911 grips or something from Hogue’s wooden line, many shooters like the original looks of a set of Double Diamond grips. On revolvers, Smith and Wesson target grips are still popular although Aherend’s combat style grips are breathtakingly done. I cannot imagine my Colt Official Police with anything but a set of original grips with the Colt Pony, but I have to admit the Pachmayr absorbs recoil much better. To each his or her own and this keeps us in business.


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