Getting To Know The Century Arms UC-9 Carbine

Anyone wanting more home defense firepower will be in the market for Century Arms Ultimate Carbine chambered in 9mm. Here’s how to maintain this submachine gun look alike.


by Chick Blood

No, the Century Arms UC-9 Carbine isn’t a SMG. It doesn’t fire from an open bolt and it can’t be modified do so. Nor are drum magazines housing 9mm ammunition available or produced for it. What does arrive with each UC-9 are two stick magazines capable of comfortably packing 32 rounds each. Taping those two together like the WW II GI did equals 64 rounds. Backing that 64 up with two more magazines configured the same way results in a readily available 128 rounds! See what I mean about more firepower? Besides lacking open bolt operation, the semi-auto UC-9 has something I’ve never seen on any gun that was capable of full auto fire – a grip safety.


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