Rifle Accuracy Problems And Solutions

Manufacturing and materials have improved greatly over the years but nothing is perfect. Here’s how to deal with flaws found in customer rifles.

by RK Campbell

Despite the high standards of consistency possible in modern CNC machinery we often see a rifle that seems no different than the one made before it turn in exceptional accuracy. By the same token, the very next rifle will deliver measurably poorer results. No maker is immune. It is the rifle with poor results that finds its way to our shop. While many are mass produced rifles with known quirks, there are others that are sometimes even more difficult to diagnose. Quite often these are high grade rifles that have been carefully assembled but somewhere something went awry. We may have built the rifle ourselves and went by the book and personal experience. Other rifles of the same make turned out just fine, yet one manages to give us problems. I have owned a number of troublesome rifles and worked on others. The standard steps do not always work but eventually something works.


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