Making a Custom Crossbow Cocking Aid

Crossbows are often permitted for the older or disabled hunter but cocking these heavy pull weight bows becomes a great effort without some form of cocking aid. A rope cocking device can come to the rescue by reducing pull weight by half.


by Norman Johnson

Over the past ten years the modern crossbow has increased tenfold in popularity. Much of this upsurge is due to conservation departments relaxing the regulations governing their use. Modern crossbows shoot arrows at velocities of more than 300 fps but such power requires bow peak weights exceeding 150-180 pounds pull weight. Hunters line up at sporting goods counters seeking that magic bow only to find out they don’t have the strength to cock it. Cocking aids are available in the form of hand crank for some crossbows or rope cocking aids in one form or other. The ensuing problem is many of these devices fail to work properly. This is exactly what brings some archers to my gunshop.


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