Working The Webley MkVI .455 Revolver

Ugly but durable, the Webley MkVI is possibly the most reliable revolver ever to see service.


by David R. Chicoine

The British Army started using Webley top break revolvers back in 1887 and by the time the first World War rolled around the .455 Webley had become a true icon of the Empire. The big Webs were possibly as well know and regarded as the Lee-Enfield rifle. The final .455 Webley top break design that we will present here was the Mk VI and was introduced on May 24, 1915, just in time for “The Great War.” This rugged double action revolver quickly gained a reputation for being very dependable in harsh trench warfare conditions and the Mk VI continued to be used hard through World War Two and into the Korean War. Actual production of new .455 caliber Webley revolvers ceased in 1926 and in 1932 the .455 was officially replaced by the .38 caliber Mk IV Webley, however, this big ugly brute continued on in service and was not officially retired until 1963.


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