Ruger Single-Ten Single-Action

The genesis of the Ruger Single-Six and how it has grown. Here’s your guide to working with this popular revolvers’ newest offspring: The Single-Ten.


by Chick Blood

Many years before he became a legend in firearm design and manufacture William B. Ruger held a deep, lasting admiration for and desire to equal Samuel Colts’ Single Action Army.When Colt Manufacturing decided to remove their immortal revolver from further production after World War II, Mr. Ruger saw and seized the opportunity to design and develop a rimfire copy of General George S. Patton’s favorite hip decorations that included notable internal improvements. Sans the feisty General’s pearl handle grip panels, which almost instantly became an aftermarket add-on after its 1953 introduction, this revolver generated such welcome sales volume for Sturm, Ruger it became the design platform for the Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk, both centerfire financial bonanzas for the company.


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