Scope Mounting The US Model of 1917 Eddystone/Enfield Rifle

All manner of requests for scope mounting will come into the gunshop. Some are quite routine, while others are more interesting and sometimes quite complicated. Old military rifles are among them.


by Norman E. Johnson

A US model of 1917 Eddystone rifle was turned over to me for inspection and cleaning, scope remounting and general appraisal for insurance purposes. The outward appearance of the rifle was excellent. It had a Fajen style, high-grade walnut stock with rolled cheek piece and flared rosewood pistol grip cap and rosewood forend tip. The stock bore no dings or scratches and had an excellent finish. There was a 26-inch, heavy sporter barrel installed and chambered for 6mm Remington. Overall appraisal of the rifle ranked very good. However, on inspection the scope-mounting job would require further work with likely remounting of the bases.


Before we begin with scope mounting, some historical and technical notes on the US Model of 1917 Enfield/Eddystone rifle are in order that may be interesting and helpful to the owner.


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