Marlin 60 Trigger Job Made Easy

This trigger job can be done with minimal invasion into the action.


by Sergey Lyalko

There is something special about the Marlin 60. In 2010, Marlin Firearms proudly celebrates 50 years of non-stop success with this 22 autoloader. Is it still going to be successful when it hits 100 years old like the 1911? What is in the essence of its huge popularity? When I think of the reasons why I like this rifle, the three major features that come to mind are convenience, accuracy and price. It is convenient because it has a capacity of 14 rounds in the tubular magazine (older models held up to 18 rounds) and the loading is easy. Further, it does not require separate detachable magazine which may be lost or damaged. Finally, it has a bolt hold open function when the last round is fired, making the now-empty rifle easier to inspect in the chamber. Marlin 60s tend to be accurate right from the shelf because of the micro-groove rifling. This rifling has multiple but shallow grooves which do not damage the bullet as much as the other types of deeper rifling. Not least important is the price. The Marlin 60 is among the most affordable .22 rifles around.


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