Working The Webley “WG” Model Revolvers

Adopted by the British Army in 1887, the Webley WG is robust, dependable and was one of the best big bore military revolvers ever.


by David R. Chicoine

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Continuing Education For Gunsmiths

A variety of venues for furthering your skills exist. Here, we review NRA Gunsmithing classes and a tour of the Shilen Rifle Barrel Company.


by Bill Nelson

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Fitting A Forearm Hanger Extension On The Knight KP-1 Rifle

Adding a much needed forearm hanger extension solves accuracy problems on some break-frame rifles.


by Norman E. Johnson

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Kids In The Shop: A Gunsmith’s Legacy, Part One

For any skill, trade or culture to remain it must be passed on to the next generation. Gunsmithing is no different.


by Wendell Deaner

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Three Steyr Pistols

Going “the full monty” with the new Steyr pistol series, once you get to know one the rest have nothing to hide.


by Chick Blood

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