Continuing Education For Gunsmiths

A variety of venues for furthering your skills exist. Here, we review NRA Gunsmithing classes and a tour of the Shilen Rifle Barrel Company.


by Bill Nelson

Would you like to improve your gunsmith skills? Want to learn new and better ways of fixing guns? Want to meet and learn from some of the best gunsmiths alive? Think you already know everything there is to know about firearms?


I learned gunsmithing the hard way, mostly by trial and error. I still yearned to go to a formal gunsmithing school but they were all far away. Marriage, kids, and supporting my family made that dream seem like an impossibility. But, I have always continued to look for new ways to continue my gunsmithing education. I take NRA summer gunsmithing classes and tour as many firearms manufacturing plants as I can. I am a Federal Firearms Licensed Type 7 manufacturer and have been able to visit many other manufacturers, as well as two barrel makers. One of the barrel makers has an open house each year and anyone can attend. In this article I hope to bring information to other gunsmiths about the opportunities to continue your education by attending NRA summer gunsmithing classes and the chance to tour a premier barrel manufacturer.


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