Improved Muzzleloader Ignition Module

In some styles of muzzleloading rifles the breech plug ignition system can vastly be improved. A new, properly-designed screw-in breech plug can prevent blow back smoke, improve ignition quality and ease of loading.

by Norman E. Johnson

I have found a need for a new style of screw-in breech plugs on muzzle loading rifles. In this treatise the Knight model KP1 break open muzzleloader was chosen for installation of a totally new design of breech plug. This rifle, as purchased, already has two breech plug styles. One accepts bare 209 shotgun primers placed into the mouth of the breech plug which are quite loose and are held in place magnetically. The other style incorporates a full plastic jacket which holds and shrouds a 209 shotgun primer at one end and is inserted into a screw-in breech plug at the other end. This full plastic jacket requires preloading of the shotgun primers to be used in the field. Fired primers are easily extracted after firing with either method.

While ignition is very adequate with each of these 209 primer systems, blow-by smoke is considerable and really fouls up the action. This was a leading cause for making an improved module utilizing cut down .222 Remington cases with small rifle magnum primers.


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