Mounting A Scout Scope On A Military Mauser

Adding better sights or an optic is one of the best ways to sporterize an old military rifle. Despite being over a century old, issue Mausers are still great for customization work.

by Wendell Deaner

Can you put a scope on this? How many times have you heard that question from a customer with an old military surplus rifle in their hopeful hands? Older shooters are more likely to own and want to use these types of rifles since seeing the small open sights becomes more difficult with age. Many younger shooters have grown up using nothing but scopes and don’t want to fool around with “obsolete” sighting equipment. So, can we help them? The old answer used to be, “Yes, but it’s gonna cost ya.”

Drilling and tapping at maybe twenty bucks a hole, bending or welding on a new bolt handle, possibly removing and replacing the barrel depending on what scope mounting jig you have, not to mention the cost of the mounts, rings and scope, add up to some big bucks for an old rifle. Fortunately, today’s manufacturers have come up with an ingenious solution to this perpetual problem.


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