Ruger Speed Strip

How to field strip Ruger pistols. Fast. A useful modification to the handgun that made Sturm-Ruger happen.

by Chick Blood

The bank account of the Ruger Corporation was close to zero when Alex Sturm learned that its owner had designed a new .22 caliber pistol having Luger overtones in appearance to compete with the Colt Woodsman and Hamden-made Hi Standards. It would cost $50,000.00 get the handgun into production. Alex had the money. He loaned it to Bill. The resulting partnership was christened Sturm-Ruger. The Standard and MK1 models hit the shooting market like monster asteroids and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ll add that Sturm’s interest in heraldry and artistic talents combined to create the stylized red eagle that adorned the MK1 grip panels until his premature death. Since then, the eagle has been either black or silver against a black background on all Ruger firearms.


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