Machined Stocks In Classic Custom Rifles, Part 2

After modifying a machined stock we’ll finish it into a custom, classic style.

by Dominick Pisano

In part one of this series I explained how I shortened the cheek piece in order to have the stock conform to my idea of an ideal stock in the American custom classic style. If you don’t recall, the original cheek piece was way too long for my taste, measuring something in excess of 12 inches from the trigger where I like the edge the cheek piece to be 10 inches from the trigger. Now it’s time to shape the rest of the machined stock to conform to this classic ideal as well. Many firms advertise 95% inletted stocks which sounds like it might be a snap to fit a barreled action. WRONG. It’s a fact that the last 5% of the work involved in inletting a barreled action can be the most trying and frustrating – not to mention that’s exactly when any mistakes will show in the finished product.


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