Working Guns For Working Guys

Top end equipment is nice but not readily affordable for those of us with kids and a mortgage. Here’s how to get the most out of pedestrian gear.

by Paul Mazan

It has always seemed to me that gun writers and gun magazines are a little out of touch with the realities of most hunter’s lives. The vast majority of the hunters I know live in small towns and cities and work hard for $10 to $15 an hour. On that kind of money they try to pay the mortgage on a modest house, feed and clothe their kids and make the payments on a used car or truck. Most of their wives work because they have to in order to make ends meet. Money for new guns and hunting trips is scarce as hen’s teeth and most of them hunt near home out of necessity. I recently read an article singing the praises of a new 1911 clone that came with “all the goodies”. The writer was ecstatic that the retail price was a “modest” $895. Another writer recently said that he never understood why a guy would put a $100 dollar scope on a $1000 rifle. Well, I have news for both of those guys and the magazines they write for. At $12 an hour a $900 handgun ain’t modestly priced. I know that compared to having a custom gunmaker put one together with the same goodies it would be closer to $2000 but for a working guy that isn’t an option. Most guys can only dream of a $1000 rifle and, if he could squirrel away that much for a rifle he would be lucky to have $100 left over to buy any scope.


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