Mauser Mag Madness

Gunsmithing is working through problems. Here’s a problem and solution I had when modifying a magazine for a customer’s Mauser rifle.

by A.L. Cavanaugh
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Gunsmiths Do Make Mistakes Sometimes

A tale of drilling and tapping a blind hole in a barrel and how a bad mistake in the shop turned out for the best.

by Keith Feldhahn
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All About Rifle Floor Plates

A hard look at rifle floor plates, repair and handling.

by Robert Campbell
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Favorite Brands Shouldn’t Vanish After They Get Acquired

Once a product has made a name for itself it’s better business to keep a good name alive and build on it.

by Chick Blood
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Silver Soldering – Free References Download

Silver Soldering References


American Gunsmith June 2012

A Tale of Two 96s

Given that most 96 Mausers available today have matching numbers on all parts and despite increasing collector interest, the Mauser 96 is still ideal for customization work.

by Wendell Deaner
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USAR Shooters Train 82nd Airborne Division

Soldiers with 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division gathered on the bleachers on Range 79 at Fort Bragg for Designated Marksman training. What made the class unique was that it was conducted by select members the Army Reserve Shooting Team.

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