Mauser Mag Madness

Gunsmithing is working through problems. Here’s a problem and solution I had when modifying a magazine for a customer’s Mauser rifle.

by A.L. Cavanaugh

This problem actually started about 15 years ago when a customer gave me a nice M98 Deutsche-Waffen Munitions 1908 Mauser receiver that he had tried to open up the feed rails to chamber the rifle in a cartridge with a larger case. Honest, it wasn’t me!

I finally came up with and answer to this problem after a few years and after many more years I finally completed it. You see, I have to admit that I am a procrastinator. It took me six months to get around to finally writing this article. OK, you get the idea. Now back to business.

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  1. John, Had to write to congratulate you on your editorial in the current issue. It’s the most intelligent and sensible piece i’ve seen in the gun press for years, if not decades. Over the past 30-some years, we have become so trapped in a paranoid view that we can’t see past our own often overblown assumptions. You gave a vivid example of how false attribution can prevent effective solutions of a problem. It was nothing less than refreshing reality, standing above confusion with a bird’s eye view. Many thanks. Ignore the attacks that may come your way. Some will always want to cling to favorite delusions. You are pointing the way to actual effectiveness. That beats moping and complaining any day. Good smithing.

    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure how that would be received. So far, I haven’t had any negative comments.

      My intent wasn’t to anger or cast blame, rather, to point out that gun owners can do things to better promote activities and that other organizations sometimes suffer from a lack of positive publicity as well. In promoting shooting events I’ve found a number of media outlets that were more than happy to grant a little coverage. There are some members of the media that may not like gun-related activities but they are not all our enemies

      I’ll be writing more about this in the future.

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